Reconnecting With The Infinite Power Within

"Damien's inspirational true story is a beacon of hope and empowerment, offering a transformative path to unlock Limitless potential within you.
Immerse yourself in a journey of triumph, embrace empowering teachings, awaken to a world where limitations are shattered, and dreams are realized.
Rewrite your story and embrace a life without limits.
Redefine what's possible & Get your copy today!"

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In the face of extraordinary odds,

The inspirational story of a young man’s journey of healing After a 10 year battle with depression and self worth issues. The Downward spiral culminates in a severe car crash where he almost loses his life.

Damien succeeds in reinventing himself through meditation and an unwavering determination to make the most of his second chance! His powerful story shows you exactly what you need to heal your wounds and create the life of YOUR dreams!

What You Will Learn From Limitless

Inspirational Journey Of Healing

Wisdom From a Coma Survivor

Overcoming Insurmountable Odds

Complete Personal Transformation

Power Of Mastering Your Mindset

Powerful Steps to Creating your Dream Life

Do you LOVE listening to Audiobooks?
Watch the Limitless Video Book for only $26
And recieve the ebook for FREE!
Save $11 (Regular Price $37)

"I met Damien at an event by Dr Joe Dispenza and I was in awe at his ability to heal himself. Damien continues to inspire and uplift all those whose paths he crosses. His passion towards helping others to create change in their own lives is inspirational."

Chris Hooper

Director, Chris Hooper Promotions

"Limitless is an inspiring journey. From struggling with depression and addiction to a life of joy and appreciation. Limitless is captivating for the reader and provides the path from which we can all learn."

Dr Tim Hill

B.A, Dip.Ed, M.A, PhD, M.A.S.H, BCN, QEEG

“Limitless contains the insight to help So many! Damien's journey from depression and a near-death experience, to one of healing, compassion and service is just so inspiring and proof that we are all powerful beyond measure and have the ability to transform our lives.”

Fiona Chadwick

Founder of Pashom

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For a one time payment of only $26 (Regular Price is $37) you get instant access to Damien’s Private YouTube Video Book of Limitless.

Over a 5-Part Series Damien reads you the entire book on camera with extra teachings included! Just Like an Audiobook but Even Better! 

Yes – Damien takes you through his entire journey from his troubled childhood, to falling into depression, to waking from the coma and fully healing himself and creating a brand new life

Yes – Damien shares his profound experiences within his coma that led to his spiritual awakening

Yes – You will learn all the mindset techniques and steps needed to heal your past and create the life you desire


Damien Horton

Author, Transformation Coach & Motivational Speaker from Byron Bay Australia.

After healing himself from critical injuries and depression following a severe car accident in August 2007 he set out on a 10-year journey of research into the science of the mind-body connection, healing, meditation, neuroscience, consciousness and epigenetics.

Today Damien runs Live Workshops on Personal Transformation, Meditation and Mind Over Matter and provides one-on-one coaching for his clients.

He founded ‘Limitless Initiatives’ to educate and empower his students with the necessary tools to unlock their full potential and accomplish true change in their lives.

Do you LOVE listening to Audiobooks?
Watch the Limitless Video Book for only $26
And recieve the ebook for FREE
Save $11 (Regular Price $37)

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

What others say About Limitess

"What a great read! Thank you for being so open and vulnerable sharing your journey and many life lessons along the way."

Shelly Gorman

"I honestly couldn't put this book down. The reflections and vulnerabilities expressed for a little boy through the eyes of his grown self were a compassionate tale of gratitude, self-love and starting over."

Nicola Williams

“Limitless is a book of true human spirit and determination! I share Damien’s story often with those who believe there is no hope. His dedication to the healing journey is remarkable!”

Georgia Ellis

CEO, Blue Chip Minds

Damien's True story of transformation & healing

Is Proof of the potential you have to heal your past and build the life you want

Do you LOVE listening to Audiobooks?
Watch the Limitless Video Book for only $26
And recieve the ebook for FREE!
Save $11 (Regular Price $37)

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