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Life improvement & Stress reduction through medication & breathwork

About Our Live Workshop

Then the Limitless Initiatives workshop is for you!

*** $198 $99 Only ***


"Damien’s recent workshop was incredibly inspiring and the breathwork was profound! His passion is evident through how he effortlessly teaches the mind body connection. I felt completely safe in his hands and will 💯 be attending the advanced workshop! Thank you Damien for all that you do 🙏"

Kasia Lalewicz

Yoga Teacher

"I first met Damien at an event by Dr Joe Dispenza and I was in awe at his determination to help others, and his ability to heal himself physically, mentally and emotionally. Damien is now a transformation coach who continues to inspire and uplift all those whose paths he crosses. His passion for teaching personal transformation is inspirational."

Chris Hooper

Director, Chris Hooper Promotions

"If you're not captivated and moved after two minutes of listening to Damien speak, I would have to check your pulse! From complete tragedy to absolute triumph. Damien's journey and teaching, and what a human being is capable of achieving needs to be heard by all. Prepare to be inspired!"

Guy Lawrence

Founder, Let it In

“An eight week study conducted by Harvard researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) determined that meditation literally rebuilds the brains grey matter in just eight weeks.”

Exclusive Benefits of Our Live Workshop

*** $198 $99 Only ***


Damien has sparked some deep inspiration and learning within me, and for that, I am very grateful."

Kym Walker

"Damien’s experience of his near death experience is really felt and transferred in his workshop. I did the half day meditation course and got so much out of it, he has cutting edge proof from universities and scientists that meditation positively affects us in so many ways.”

Nina Hudson

Workshop Attendee

"I share Damien’s story often with those who believe there is no hope. His dedication to the healing journey is remarkable!"

Georgia Ellis

CEO, Blue Chip Minds

Meet Your Host

Damien Horton

Author, Transformation Coach & Motivational Speaker from Byron Bay Australia.

After healing himself from critical injuries and depression following a severe car accident in August 2007 he set out on a 10-year journey of research into the science of the mind-body connection, healing, meditation, neuroscience, consciousness and epigenetics.

Today Damien runs Live Workshops on Personal Transformation, Meditation and Mind Over Matter and also provides one-on-one coaching for his clients.

He founded ‘Limitless Initiatives’ in 2021 to educate his students with the necessary tools to unlock their full potential and accomplish true change in their lives.

Why Meditation is important for you!

Immune Function


Positive Emotion

Makes You Feel
Less Lonely

Makes You More Compassionate

Improves Your Ability To Introspect

Increases Your
Focus & Attention

Improves Your Ability To Multitask

*** $198 $99 Only ***


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

See what others are saying!

"Damien's personal transformation is living proof of the power we all have to heal and create a better life. Damien's workshops provide the path from which we can all learn."

Dr Tim Hill

B.A, Dip.Ed, M.A, PhD, M.A.S.H, BCN, QEEG

"Damien is an amazing teacher and his story has been so inspiring. I loved his book and absolutely loved this workshop. Thank you for sharing your life experience and mentoring us along the way Damien. Looking forward to the advanced workshop!”

Liz Deschaseaux


"From the depths of suffering to the heights of his rebirth. We all have deep lessons to learn from Damien’s story and can use his teaching as a model for healing and change."

Dr Mauro Zappaterra


We Look Forward to Seeing You At the Next Live Workshop

*** $198 $99 Only ***


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