My Story -

After a 10 year battle with depression and addiction I crashed my car at high speed into a rock embankment. The situation was critical as emergency workers raced to save my life. I suffered critical head injuries and broke my back in multiple places.

A week later I woke from a coma with 44 pieces of titanium in my face after radical marathon surgery to correct my complex pan-facial fractures. I had total recall of what I had seen and learnt during my coma, a profoundly spiritual experience. I was given a choice – to return to my addiction and pain or embrace love and begin a new life

I was told that I was facing 18 months of recovery and that I would have a permanent disability. Now I had nothing to feel good about and no reason to believe in myself – or to believe I could heal myself. One morning in the recovery ward I looked into my mums eyes and I could feel her love for me. I realised I didn’t want my mum to feel any more pain, so I made a decision with pure intention that I would transform my life for her. 

I defied all medical opinions and walked out of the hospital just 10 days after waking from the coma. I chose something greater for myself and completely reinvented my life – healing my depression and addictions and at the same time I healed my brain and body. 

Nearly dying was the best thing that ever happened to me. I came out of that experience with a new lease on life. It gave me the insight and motivation to share my message and help teach others how to create a better life.

"You have Unlimited Potential to create the life you want"

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