The Path to Enlightenment The Power of Thought

If you want to reach enlightenment, one of the  first steps is to surrender what you think you know. You need to be comfortable to swallow your pride and understand that what  you think you know – your thoughts, choices, beliefs and emotional states – have created the world you currently experience. 

You are creating your own reality. This I can tell you categorically after coming out of a 7 day coma from my car accident. My near death experience taught me there is nothing outside of you. There is no higher power out there sitting up in the sky somewhere. What you’re looking for is deep inside yourself. 

One of the most profound and enlightening experiences of my life was coming out of that week-long coma after suffering critical head injuries. I can personally validate the quantum physics laws and experiments that show us that consciousness is creating reality.  

Your own consciousness is the higher power – the universal intelligence is your awareness of being. So for those looking out there and placing your power out there – you’re wrong about everything! But it’s a good thing! It’s a really good thing because it means you’re in the driver’s seat. It means you’re in control of creating a better life.  

You are creating your reality every single day. Consciousness itself creates your reality.  In quantum physics it’s known as the observer effect, or collapsing the wave function. 

The observer effect shows us that our thought moves into energy, which moves into matter. Consciousness has just created a particle in this dimension of space and time. 

In quantum physics experiments, the scientists found that everywhere they looked for the electron – it would appear. The act of observation, or consciousness, collapsed the wave into the electron. The observer and the observed are fundamentally entangled. 

The issue in our modern world is the vast majority of humanity is unconsciously creating their reality. Through reactive behavior that is triggered by our own pain body. 

When you start to climb Jacob’s Ladder and expand your own consciousness beyond this reactive survival state – you are able to consciously create your life. In this state you are the architect of your own destiny. This is the ultimate state of self empowerment.  

The more consciousness expands, the more you start to understand the teachings and passages in the bible, eastern mysticism, and things that the Buddha said as well.

Once you live from this state of creation the game of life starts to unravel for you. That’s what this experience we call life really is – it’s a game in consciousness itself. 

The big issue as I mentioned earlier is that the vast majority of people are unaware of their true limitless power and are unconsciously creating their day. They unconsciously create their reality. This unconscious state creates a redundant cycle.

Unconscious behavior is collapsing the wave function and it brings drama magnetically into your life. Then the drama in your day gives you more reason to react out of your pain body. You get lost in trying to justify the constant terrible things that people do to you each day and it feels like life is kicking you around. 

But the truth of our place in this universe is just so misunderstood. Everyone’s looking outside of themself. Everyone wants to point blame. Everyone’s praying to some God or Gods out there – but the kingdom of heaven is within you. Jacob’s Ladder is a ladder of  consciousness that is within each and every one of us.

I reached this expanded consciousness through immense pain. But you don’t need to have a near death experience to realise this. You don’t need to have your face surgically cut off and turned inside out with 44 bits of titanium and a broken back to find this out for yourself.

I did it the old way. I woke up through suffering – the way of the cross – where I suffered so greatly that I was forced into the present moment. I was forced to be present with my emotional and physical pain until it dissolved and turned into wisdom. 

You can reach enlightenment through love and gratitude. Through overwhelming appreciation for the gift of life. Through intense present moment awareness you can expand consciousness without suffering and pain. 

But it takes dedication and the willingness for you to let go of what you think you know. If your life doesn’t look the way you want it to then it’s time to open up to a new way of understanding life. 

The very first step to climb Jacob’s Ladder is one of the hardest because you’ve got to swallow your pride. You’ve got to find the strength to side-step the ego that’s trying to be in control and be right all the time.  

Just put your hand up and accept full responsibility for your past, present, and future. Just love yourself enough to congratulate yourself for how you’ve needed to survive. Understand that you’ve always done the best you can from your point of consciousness. 

When the student’s ready the teacher appears. When you are ready to claim ownership of your life you magnetically manifest the teacher who will guide you to the next level of consciousness.  

This is what happened for me with my mentor. John showed up in my life just after I got out of intensive care. Just as I surrendered the old me. He’d been on the path for 45 years teaching consciousness and spirituality. He was a kundalini master and I was his last student. 

When I was ready to swallow that pride and say ‘okay I don’t have it all figured out’ he appeared to teach me a new way of living.

I was finally ready to admit that maybe I didn’t know everything. And that’s the sweet spot. Maybe I can create a better life? Maybe I am capable of transformation! Maybe all that holds me back is my conception of myself! 

The questions allow the imagination and the consciousness to expand – and now your life is like a blank canvas. The open imagination gives you access to all these different colors and different paint brushes that you can use to create the texture, the form, and the gradient of the picture that is your life.

But it starts when you surrender where you currently stand in life. Surrender a piece of your limited self to learn and grow into all that you can be.

It’s that  act of surrender that begins the climb up Jacob’s Ladder. It begins the process of consciousness expanding to higher and higher states of being.  

I trust today’s blog has given you some food for thought. The moment my life changed, the moment I created everything I wanted in this life was when I realised I was in charge. My thinking and my choosing, my actions and my beliefs have created everything! I realised I was responsible – no one else. I am personally responsible for every single thing that has ever happened to me in my life and so are you.  

The key is to just start to listen, to have the courage to go down those unfamiliar roads. Sometimes we get so sure we know how things are that we hinder our own growth. 

I decided I was ready to open up to the unknown and I took the plunge. I can tell you today it was the greatest decision I ever made.

Muhammad Ali said if you’re still saying the same things at 30 that you were when you were 20 – you didn’t learn a damn thing! 

Life is always about expansion. Life is always in constant transformation and movement. Your cells are dying off every day. You want to die to the old self so that a new self can be born. Things you once believed to be true you might now hold in suspense. Others you might want to completely disregard. But if you still hang on to your old way, those old paradigms, the ego is running your life and calling all the shots. 

What I want you to do is ask yourself – has the way you’ve approached your life created everything you want? Has your current understanding of spirituality and consciousness allowed you reach your full potential? If so why are you still reading this post – go out into the world and contribute to humanity.

But if you’re not there yet it’s because there are layers that still need to be unraveled. There are old paradigms that you need to let go of. It’s frightening as we let go of the known. Especially when you’ve invested most of your life into your beliefs and perceptions. Letting go means you’re in the unknown. You can’t predict it. That safe space needs to change. The comfort position you try desperately to uphold will transform into something new. Something greater. 

Once you let go it’s like floating free. It’s like you’re out in the deep blue ocean and you don’t even have a life raft to hang on to. But if you can wait it out in that space and keep paddling you are right on the edge of massive expansion into consciousness.

You are on the precipice of starting to unravel some of the secrets of the universe. Of consciousness itself. Of the secrets of manifestation. Of the higher understanding that your own awareness is creating this world. Your awareness of self is the higher power. Consciousness is king. 

From my heart to yours

Sending you light and love

Damo xo


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