Unleashing Your Future Potential: The Power of Changing Habits and Self Love

Each and every day, we all make choices that fundamentally shape our future. Who you are currently being – the personality traits you embody and express each day – is creating the future you will experience.

In the quest for personal transformation the question we really need to answer is this: Are you consciously creating the future you deeply desire? Or are you unconsciously living out of a predictable routine that can only ever recreate more of the same? A future that looks very similar to your present. 

As Albert Einstein said ‘You can’t fix a problem from the same level of mind that created the problem’ – so for you to successfully change your life you will need to consistently think, act, and choose in brand new ways.

When we become caught up in daily cycles of habitual patterns of thinking and behaving – we often don’t even realize that we have become stuck on auto-pilot. Living in a cycle of repetitive choices, experiences, and feelings – that create more of the same repetitive choices, experiences, and feelings – we so easily forget that we have the power to change our lives. 

The secret to a better future lies in the decisions you choose to make today, tomorrow, and all the days to come. Our habits and daily decisions are our most powerful tools for creating a better life. They are fully capable of constructing a better tomorrow.

As we delve deeper into this topic of breaking out of your habitual behavior, you’ll discover the profound impact of your decision making process at various levels, and understand how you can challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and explore the path that leads to self-love and true personal transformation.

So it’s time to buckle up as we embark on a journey to unleash your future potential through the power of changing your habitual patterns of behaviour – the thinking and feeling that is keeping you stuck with your present life.

The Cycle Of Repetitive Choices And The Impact On Our Lives

Your current personality has been created by the repetitive cycle of your thoughts, choices, actions, beliefs, and emotional states. This self created loop can either sound our success and launch us into the greatest version of ourselves – or it can severely limit our ability to create a better life. 

I want you to know that true personal transformation is not some miraculous achievement only available to some. It is a future potential available to each and every one of us equally. The secret to break free from the self created loop is to become aware of these habitual patterns and then consciously choose thoughts and behaviours that are in-line with the life we really want to live. The brand new life you will be creating. Your task is to dig deep inside yourself to find the tenacity, courage and discipline to stay the course until the magic happens.

To prioritize ourselves might sound like a selfish act, what with the million and one things you need to get done each day, but remember this – charity begins at home. The decision you will make to put yourself first during this time of growth is actually the ultimate act of selflessness. As you liberate yourself from unhappiness, past regret, unworthiness, or shame – you become a beacon of hope for all those around you who secretly want to be living a better life.

You have come into this world as a perfect, and unique, expression of the Universal Consciousness. You are truly unique to every other human being that has ever been – or ever will be. Even the specific anatomical structure of the billions of neurological connections that make up your brain is one of a kind. There is no other brain that looks like, or functions exactly the same as yours.

You were born with talents, dreams and desires that are innate to you. We could actually say that these attributes chose you – and the ultimate truth is that you are both worthy and capable of experiencing the life you want. For so many of us we give up on ourselves and believe we need to conform to other people’s expectations – placing our hearts desires into suspended animation.

The book ‘The Top Five Regrets of the Dying’ by Bronnie Ware echoes a similar sentiment. The top regret of the people she interviewed at the end of their lives was not living the life they genuinely desired but rather conforming to the expectations of others. 

So to fend off the impending sense of regret we must dare to think in new ways and make different decisions, to turn our world 180 degrees, and face a new direction. This is the task allotted to you and all you need to do is practice awareness consistently throughout your day to ensure you break the habitual patterns of behaviour that are keeping you prisoner.

Actionable Takeaway: 

Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone on a regular basis. Dare yourself to make new decisions that are in direct opposition to your norm – and watch as your life and your sense of self turn towards a better path.

Whenever you find yourself in a position where you know you want to do something new or out of the ordinary, achieve a goal, or take some action, but imposing, negative thoughts try to talk you out of it – just feel the fear of uncertainty and do it anyway!

The uncertainty is actually the place where you will build your confidence and grow as a human being. This will take developing your mindfulness and self-awareness, but as with any skill you will learn to master it over time.

If you’re struggling with self love, self worth or mindset problems, you can arrange a free 15 minute discovery call by clicking this link:

How Our Choices Affect Us At A Neurological, Chemical, And Genetic Level

Our habits do more than simply shape our daily experiences, they also mold us on a neurological, biochemical and genetic level. Thinking in brand new ways, carves out new neurological circuitry in our brain. This is due to a term you are most likely familiar with – neuroplasticity. Simply put, as you force your brain to work in new ways it sprouts new connections needed for the new patterns of behaviour and it also prunes away old connections that are no longer needed. The old connection that was a part of the old habitual you.

For example, if you began learning piano today, in a short period of time specalised centres in your brain would form new and stronger neurological connections as a reflection of your daily practice. Your brain would change its physical structure to accommodate your new found love for piano playing. 

Having new experiences also produces new feelings and emotions in the body. Generally speaking our emotions are the reflection in our body of our thoughts and experiences. As we produce new feelings in our body we are well on the way to creating a brand new personality. A brand new you is being born. 

The emerging new field of Epigenetics shows us that our behaviors and experiences directly impact our genetic expression. When we bravely venture into the unknown and break the monotony of our everyday habitual life, these novel experiences activate new genetic sequences. That is the power of your own free willed intention!

What the leading edge of science is showing us is this: the decisions you make today are rewiring your brain and remapping your biological code for tomorrow.

Actionable Takeaway: 

Remember to consistently embrace the unknown. Your mission of change must be fueled by seeking out new experiences and stepping into unfamiliar territories to unlock your full neurological and genetic potential. 

Make a commitment this week to incorporate 2-3 brand new hobbies, activities, or experiences into your life – it will be the best investment you could ever make – the investment in yourself!

Personal Reflection: A Journey From Near-Death To A Life Of Purpose

Speaking from personal experience, I can testify to the transformative power of new ways of thinking and feeling. 

In August 2007 a horrific accident left me with 44 pieces of metal in my head, a broken back, and a week in a coma. My habitual patterns had created an extremely dark loop of depression and worthlessness and this near-death experience would either make me – or kill me. 

In the midst of immense pain I looked into my mum’s eyes one day in the Intensive Care Unit and decided that I wanted to make my mum proud. I decided that I would completely reinvent myself and create a brand new life and heal my brain and body.

I decided I would change my personality so I could consciously change my future. I refused to let my past pain and familiar feelings shape my destiny. Instead, I chose to make new decisions that were the polar opposite to my previous ones, which eventually carved out a new life for me to enjoy. 

This new path led me to study the mind-body connection, epigenetics, biochemistry, neuroscience, and mindset for the past 12 years, enabling me to quite literally become a different person.

You can read my new book ‘Limitless – Reconnecting with the Infinite Power within’ here:

Actionable Takeaway: 

Remember that the power to change your life is in your hands. True transformation requires you to make decisions that feel unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable, but the rewards of creating the life you deeply desire will far outweigh the challenges.

Get out a piece of paper and a pen and draw a line straight down the middle. On the left you will write ‘Behaviours and thoughts that keep me stuck’ and on the other side you will write ‘Behaviours and thoughts that will carve out a brand new life for me’.

Now spend the next 15-20 minutes letting the words flow out. Once you’re finished I want you to stick this piece of paper up on the bathroom mirror – or  somewhere you will consistently see it – and read through the list each time you see it!

How Do I Start To Make The Most Out Of My Life?

If my near-death experience taught me anything it is this: your life is not a dress rehearsal; it’s the main event. If you are unsatisfied with where you are, know that change is absolutely possible. You don’t need a dramatic event or a near-death experience to realise your limitless potential to make change. You have the power to write your future, to define the legacy that you want to leave behind, the impact you want to make on this world, and the love you want to share.

Again let me say, caring for oneself is not a selfish act but rather a necessary one. Time for you to nurture yourself will have a positive impact on all those who come into contact with you. Recognizing this is the key to unlocking your future potential. Once you do, you’re ready to initiate change, a process that requires persistence and consistency.

Actionable Takeaway: 

Show yourself love and kindness by accepting your past. Prioritize your well-being and values, for they are the foundations to living a fulfilling life. 

Make time each week to put your new personality to work. Practice makes perfect. Turn your phone off if you need to. Let the people who love you know that if they don’t hear from you for a while – it is personal! You’re busy creating a life you can be proud of – a life without regret!

Final Thoughts

Our lives are a reflection of a series of choices and habits stitched together over time to shape the reality we experience. We may not always know it, but each decision, each action, and each habit we carry out holds immense power over our future. 

As intimidating as this may sound, it is also profoundly liberating. This new understanding teaches us that we have the power to rewrite our stories to change our future for the better.

As someone who has accomplished this feat I want to reiterate that change requires courage and discipline, and a dash of rebellion against what’s familiar. It can be daunting and uncomfortable, but it is the only path that leads to growth. Let’s not forget the key ingredient in this process – self-love. Without self-love, the journey of change would never truly get started. You need to care enough about yourself , and the gift that is your life, to challenge yourself to walk the tightrope of personal transformation. 

Don’t worry though – with this tightrope there are no risks if you fall – you will simply pick yourself up and know that you can always start again in the morning. And with self-love right there with you, it becomes a beautiful and empowering journey of self-discovery and personal evolution.

If you’re struggling with self love, self worth or mindset problems, you can arrange a free 15 minute discovery call by clicking this link:

In the end, I want you to remember this:

Your life is not a rehearsal; it’s the real deal. So, choose to live it authentically, live it boldly, and most importantly, live it lovingly. 

With every choice you make, every new habit you form, and every day you live, remember that you hold the power to shape the person you want to be and the life you want to live. 

In Gratitude

Damien Horton

Author, Speaker, Mentor, Musician

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