Feeling Down and Depressed – Do This!

Someone was saying to me the other day, you know, what I don’t like about this whole motivational, self help stuff is everyone is trying to say you know be positive you got to be positive you got to be positive. What about when I’m feeling down and depressed?

Well look. The truth is this universe is made up of atoms. You there, me here, as well as every cell in our body, it’s constructed out of atoms. All the physicality around you right now is all atoms.

Atoms can’t shed their electrons. And I’m sure you guys know that an electron is a negative charge. And that dance between positive and negative polarity is what makes up the fabric of this universe.

So when I teach what I used to heal myself I’m not saying things are always going to be perfect and things will always be positive. I come up against my challenges every single day, every single morning. The key is in removing resistance to what it is at any given moment. Resistance is what causes us to suffer.

Sometimes you might have some heartache inside that needs to be expressed. You’ve got to feel if you want to heal. I literally was just listening to an Eminem song and felt this huge movement of energy through me and I choked up. I just needed to let some tears come and I didn’t judge it or label it. I just allowed it to move through me.

It was done very quickly, it’s a very short lived state of the being when we’re congruent with our emotions. Allowing what is gives us access to our emotional power. I let it pass through me and then I was feeling fantastic again. I expressed what needed to be expressed. 

So it’s not to say that life’s always going to be this or it’s always going to be that. The polarity is what makes up this universe. It’s what makes up our human experience. The question is how long do you want to linger inside a negative framework? Or how long do you want to linger in judgment, blame or limited emotions like that? 

The amount of time you spend there is called the refractory period, or the suppression period. From a Buddhist point of view, we’re suffering because we’re resisting but as soon as we allow feeling we allow the heart to do what needs to do. We just bring consciousness without judgment into our inner body.

Then you can grab the value, then you can be back on point – back expressing the best version of yourself. And you express the true self, you are able to experience what this life actually has to offer. So it’s not about saying life is always going to be roses. It can’t be – not in this dimensional space and time, and physical form. Here we’ve got polarity, we’ve got entropy, we’ve got linear time.

So I just wanted to make this quick blog because someone said it to me the other day, and just also let you know that literally only 25 minutes ago I was in my car and had to move that emotion.

I just felt this sorrow inside me, it just came up, then tears came and I moved through it and got back into the most incredible place after that. So many of us block that we suppress our emotions, and then it gets stuck. That’s the thing. You got a feal if you want to heal. 

You know, we’re all in this together from a higher point of consciousness. We are actually all one with everything.

We all come from and go back to the same place – back to Source. So we’re all in this together. These posts are what I do to try and help you guys out there. With whatever you might be going through.

So as always – from my heart to yours – sending you light and sending you love.


Damo xo

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