How to Change Your Life and make New Choices!

How to change my life

The key to changing your life and creating what you want to create in this world; is to not make the same choices you made yesterday,last week, last month, or the year before that.

You see, we are creatures of habit.

If you keep thinking in the same way, then your state of being stays the same. Your current life is made up of the thoughts you think. leading to the choices that you make, which leads you to the experiences that you have that feel familiar, that then produce the emotions that reaffirm who you think you are.

That feedback loop is called your personality.

So if you want to change, you have got to break that loop. You’ve got to step outside of that loop and reach for something greater.

To do that requires tenacity, courage, discipline, and self love. You need to start putting yourself first – charity starts at home.

If you are always trying to please everyone else then it’s hard to make these big decisions. You know, the sacrifices that need to be made if you’re truly going to change your life. If you’ve read ‘Five Regrets of the Dying’ you know the number one regret was not living the life that people actually wanted to live for themselves. They’d reached the end, they’re dying. And they’ve found clarity at the last minute. Thinking they should have been living their own life, not the life that other people expected of them.

So you will need to dig deep and tomorrow make completely different decisions. 180 degree, diametrically opposed thinking that leads to different choices, different actions and behaviors that you have during the day means you’ll have different experiences and turn on different emotions and different feelings in the body.

That changes you neurologically. The brain changes its structure as you have novel experiences. You begin to change biochemically and epigenetically as well. You might not be aware that you express behavioral dependent genes that are turned on during novel experiences. When you step into the unknown, where you can’t predict what’s going on. You start up-regulating all these new genetic sequences because of the choices you made.

It’s literally the neurological, chemical and genetic death of the old you. Because trying to solve a problem from the same state of mind that created the problem is impossible. It’s insanity like Einstein said, you have to literally die before you die. You’ve got to die to the old you. Die to the old ways of living that created your current life.

I started saying yes to everything that was threatening to the old me. That old me who ended up with 44 bits of metal in his head. 44 kilos. Made his mom cry. Spent a week in a coma was a recovering drug addict who had been suicidal for over 10 years. I’d been medicated to the hilt on antidepressants, and I went okay, so my old thinking and feeling created all this pain. Here I am in intensive care, my face has just been cut off and put back on my body, and I need to do things differently.

I realised new decisions and choices would carve out a new path. And now I’ve spent the last 12 years studying the biochemistry, neuroscience and psychology behind how we can become literally a different person.

But it starts with you.

The power to change the world is in your hands and charity starts at home. You’ve got to give to yourself. This isn’t a dress rehearsal this is your life. This is it – the be all and end.

If you’re not happy with how your life looks, if you’re falling way shorter your potential you know, there’s something more new that you can do. You don’t need to have your face cut off your knee to break every bone in the human skull. Like I did have critical head injuries and shatter your spine in six places. To find out that you’ve actually got limitless potential inside you.

It’s like the placebo. You don’t need to take the sugar pill to heal yourself. If you take nothing and nothing heals you, which it does all the time in medical trials. Did you need the nothing? Did you need the inert substance? The sugar pill?

If you are living out of pain or you’re living from addiction and suffering, I can tell you categorically it can lead to some dark and scary places – you don’t want to get hit with a Mack truck to wake up! Now is the time to course correct.

So it’s about coming back to your heart. It’s about going back to what you love. What you value get clear on it. What do you want? How do you want to love? How do you want to live? How do you want to share?

Who do you want to touch in the time you have left? What do you want to want to leave behind? How do you want people to talk about you after you’re gone? How do you want to contribute?

This is your life. Self love is key – is it is the Holy Grail. You must care enough about yourself, to love yourself enough to say – near enough is no longer good enough.

That’s the moment that you’re ready to change.

And then you stay the course out of responsibility to the gift that is this life.

Trust me, I found out the hard way.

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From my heart to yours – as always sending you light and sending you love


Damien xo