How can I change my mood? Fast results!

How can you change the way you feel fast? How do you get yourself out of a funk? When you’re feeling down and feeling depressed – how can you break your state of being?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked. The answer is actually quite simple! You’re just going to take an action. Seriously – if you want to change, then you have to change what you’re doing.

If you’re feeling down and your energies flat and depressed, you have to take an action. The process of taking the action actually breaks your state. It changes your mood fast.

My friends and family have heard me say this for over 10 years – the action comes first! This is how I personally beat depression and a lack of direction and self-worth.

What most people do is let their feeling dictate their actions. When you’re feeling flat you need to drive a thought that’s greater than the feeling in your body. If you only take action when you feel like it you’re never going to break the de-energized state you’re in.

The key to breaking a negative state is to be greater than that feeling in the body. You need to be greater than the flatness that you’re feeling.

You also don’t want to try and think your way out. Remember you can’t fix a problem from the same level of mind that created the problem. So if you’re down, you’re in a rut and feeling flat – it’s your thinking and the feeling that got you there.

Transformation is about action. Just break that state of being by taking an action. Remember that you have to take responsibility for your own moods and behaviors. Self-empowerment is all about being responsible for your life.

I’ll give you a real-life example. Just last week I was just feeling really down and physically beat up and realised I needed to coach myself. I jumped up out of bed and went straight down to the beach for a swim. It was cold but I knew it would break my negative pattern fast.  

By the time I was getting out of that water I was in a completely different state of mind and had broken that cycle. Because I took action as fast as possible, my depressed feeling didn’t become the mood that I went into. It didn’t end up ruining my whole day.

So right now if you’re in that funk and wondering what to do when you’re feeling down and out remember – don’t sit in that energy and don’t think equal to that feeling.

Instead – get up. Figure out what you could do to change your state. Take voluntary action go for a walk. Go to the gym. Go sit in nature and meditate. Go do something creative. Call a friend for coffee. Go and walk the dog.

Take any action rather than sitting in that state of mind that created the problem and continuing to think the same way and feel the same way. I tell you from personal experience – the action comes first. On the other side taking an action you will feel and think differently.

The second part is to maintain present moment awareness. If you’ve got yourself up off the couch and you are going for walk, becoming fully present will stop the limiting thoughts from coming back.

Be aware of the breeze. Be aware of the temperature. Be aware of the sound of your feet on the ground. Notice the smells all around you. Immerse yourself in the walk and anytime you find the thoughts or feelings creeping back in – you say ‘Change’.

If after a minute they creep back in – you say it again with more intention ‘Change’.

Through practice, you will get better and better at maintaining the moment and become fully submerged in the action.

Remember – transformation takes time – so go gently on yourself!

Sending light and love



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