Here is the Secret to Master the Art of Manifestation

The secret to master the art of manifesting

We can live in two different worlds.

Most people live their lives from the level of “Form”. In this world, we live as materialists. We focus on matter and believe we are physical solid beings – living physical separate lives. We believe that everything is cause and effect and that every day the world happens “to us”. The believe is strengthened by the input we receive through the five senses.

The other world we can live in is from the level of the “Field”. From the level of quantum physics. Einstein once said that the Sole Governing Agency of the particle, of matter, is the “Field”. The more you start to learn about Quantum Physics and Consciousness, the more you realise that your own consciousness collapses the field into momentary events.

Quantum Physics experiments have shown us that the act of observing, the act of consciousness paying attention, collapses the quantum field into a momentary event that we call a Particle. The truth is you cannot separate the “Observer” from the “Observed”.

So, that’s the science behind how we can actually Manifest.

It requires:

1. Daily Meditation – Be Consistent!

2. Intention – you can’t just have an Intention or a thought by itself, you have to marry that intention with a high vibrational emotion. You have to feel Overwhelming Gratitude flowing out in your body. Gratitude for the manifestation ahead of its realisation.

When you match Gratitude and Intention and then you let go trying to control the outcome – you can Manifest something that you want to happen in the future.

The reason you need to get out of the way and surrender is because if you keep running around looking for your event or object and wondering why it hasn’t appeared yet – you fall back into the Predictable Universe and you become a Materialist again.

You move back into the Mechanistic Clockwork Newtonian Dimension of Space and Time where we’re bound by entropy and everything is cause and effect.

Every time I do my meditation, I start with building up communication between myself and the field. This field is consciousness itself. It’s a loving consciousness. It’s loving us all into form. It’s regulating the systems of the body beyond our conscious awareness – that’s how much it loves you. Then I ask for a sign.

If you start building up a communication with the field through meditation – your consciousness is no longer focused on the particle – that’s when your consciousness merges with the Field. In that place, you can be anyone, anything, anywhere at any time. Because in that place, every single version of you, the infinite potentials they talk about in quantum physics, they’re existing in an infinite now.

The only thing that can go there is consciousness. You can’t go there hanging on to your pain. You can’t go there as a victim. You can’t go there thinking about your possessions. You can’t go there even with your identity, your name, or your job title. The only way to access this field is through completely relinquishing everything that binds you to the material world and then surrender to a higher consciousness.

In that place, in Einstein’s field, as I said, every different version of you and every future potential of you is happening now. Only consciousness can travel there and select an event in your future.

If you do it right, if you surrender and then go about your day in gratitude and just be in The Now, you might just find that you just walk into your manifestation. You generally just stumble into it.

As always, from my heart to yours, sending you light, love and peace.

Damo xo

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