Why Setting Goals is Important to Succeed in Life | Why You Need Powerful Goals and Dreams

Setting goals

Today’s blog is all about removing “Choice”

If you want to accomplish something big in life, if you have a dream burning inside you that you know you need to accomplish – the key to your success is to remove choice. Remove the idea of  “Maybe I’ll take action” or “I’ll think about it next year” – instead you need to get the realisation of this desire hooked up with a greater sense of purpose.

Manifesting your heart’s desires is quite literally the reason for your existence. We are here to bring into this world more of the universal consciousness. You are here to manifest the glory of God as Marianne Williamson writes in ‘A Return to Love’, that’s how important you are. Your heart’s desires are actually the universe wanting to express through you.

It might sound a bit extreme to you, but I’m telling you after my near-death experience and a week in a coma – I found out just how important our dreams are.  I realised that I needed to get the realisation of these dreams hooked up with a greater sense of responsibility and purpose. The mindset required is “I must move forward” “I must achieve this target’.

What often stops us is that little voice in our head. It can act as a mental terrorist. You need to remember it’s just a little voice in your head that might sound like you – but it isn’t a reflection of your true potential. This little voice will happily give you running commentary like “You’re not good enough”  or “99% of people fail within the first second they try to make changes in life” and all of this negative stuff. You just need to understand that this voice is trying to sabotage your dreams and you have the power to listen to it or not.

Expansion and evolution in life are all about moving into friction, moving towards the things that frighten you. This is where you will grow as a human being. This is where you reach a point of enlightenment, expanded consciousness, and expanded awareness. It all happens outside of your comfort zone because in your comfort zone, we live in repetition. In the comfort zone you can predict exactly how you’re going to feel. The comfort zone makes up your known predictable life. The more time you spend outside of that comfort zone, the more you’re growing as a human being.

Remember – the amount of time you’ve been on this earth is getting longer, and the amount of time you have left is getting shorter and shorter with every single breath. It’s only when we give in to fear and we are stuck with the identification with the little voice in our head that we hesitate and pull away from stepping into our new life.

What if you knew you were capable of all of your dreams? What if the fear you were thinking about was actually nothing? What if you went out there and you hit that target and you realized “Wow my consciousness has expanded and I am capable of achieving limitless potentials”

The secret to your success is to sidestep the little voice in your head. The voice is always dealing with futures that haven’t happened and the past that is now gone and you can’t change it anymore. It can trigger you to get depressed and start blaming the people around you, or get fearful about an event that hasn’t even taken place yet.

When you dis-identify that the little voice in your head, you become Limitless and you’re fully here, you’re fully present in this moment, you move confidently in the direction of your dreams and you understand that the friction you are feeling inside is an opportunity for expansion.

It’s important to remember that you’re worthy and you’re that you’re good enough. Remember that heroes are only labeled as heroes after they take the heroic action and not before. I want you to approach your desires like they’re sacred – because they are. Don’t go running around trying to get validation from other people or ask your friends about their opinions on what you should do – they can only mirror your current point of consciousness.

Jesus said “When you pray, you go in secret and close the door behind you”. You just go within yourself and remain faithful to your desire. Then remove the “Choice” from the equation. It’s not a “Maybe” anymore but instead “I’m gonna move forward” “I’m gonna learn something”

The fear response is just a conditioned pattern of behavior based on past experiences. You can choose to listen to the voice of fear, or start to take action anyway, you can stand up right now and go across the street and say hello to a total stranger. And who knows – that might be your future husband, wife, or best friend.

Magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone and live in the unknown!

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As always, from my heart to yours, sending you light, love and peace.

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