How Do You Reach Deeper Levels of Meditation – Meditation Tips to make it Back to Source

How Do You Reach Deeper Levels of Meditation


Albert Einstein once said, “I want to know how God created this world. I’m not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are just details.”

That was the exact same place that I reached a fews years back.

Today you will learn how to reach that Place and reach Enlightenment.

Obviously, you cannot know the mind of God, because mind is about thought and there’s no greater obstacle to experiencing Source consciousness. 

If you want to liberate yourself from suffering and the illusion of division, you need to step into Meditation and grab the point of the complete center of your brain and just rest your awareness there and Get Beyond Thought.

When you Get Beyond that voice in your head, you will lose time. Your identity and your past life will fade.

As you sit in your room and Meditate, you become pure – Just pure awareness and consciousness.

The more time you spend Meditating, the more you surrender and the more you desire to experience this higher consciousness that is equal to God’s loving intelligence that created you – The more your Consciousness will merge with its Consciousness.

Remember this –  You will have the understanding of the mind of God and you will experience Source Consciousness regardless of your religion, political opinion or sexual preference. 

It is a universal law and it doesn’t discriminate. But this is something you need to remember, your intention and your willpower has to equal its intention and its willpower and you have to be completely in love and move Beyond thought.

Disidentify that little voice in your head and stop asking these questions in your mind: “When is it going to happen”? “How much time has passed?” 

You are all there, you are all in. You have to burn that desire in your heart to reach that Higher Consciousness and know the meaning of your life.

It is found within. It is inside yourself. It is not in the books or any other places. It is just within you.

Now, if you want to know what is in God’s mind just like what Einstein said then you go within.

As always, from my heart to yours, sending you light, love and peace.

Damo xo


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